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With strong roots into the future: The Feichter's

One of us is always there for you. Often there are two. Most of the time all of us.
We have been living the honest South Tyrolean hospitality for decades.


Hannes and Wolfi are the third generation to run the hotel. Hannes lives out his creativity in the kitchen, Wolfi loves to spoil his guests in the service.

They are supported by Irene and Karin, who work actively in front of and behind the scenes.

Senior chef Hedwig is still busy, literally the good soul of the house.

Senior chef Walter is enjoying his well-deserved retirement and is happy when his help and experience is still needed from time to time.

With Lisa, Moritz, Alex and little Willi, the next generation of the Feichter's is already growing up and filling our HOME with a lot of joie de vivre and occasionally with a small portion of chaos.

Precisely because we are a small business, our employees are part of the family. Every single one of them has been contributing to the success of our hotel for many years through diligence, cordiality, humanity and patience.

  • Ingrid and Nadia in the service
  • Annelies in the rooms
  • Flora in the rooms
  • Dafina in the kitchen and
  • Fritz in the kitchen

Where to go for an aperitif, where to eat, which is the right excursion or bike tour?

We have the right advice for everyone.

We know the most famous sights of the region, as well as unique places and experiences off the beaten track. We are happy to share our insider tips for YOUR unforgettable holiday.